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The “Hammer Team” is the investment vehicle of Ariel Luedi. The mission is to support software companies during their startup and growth phase. Hammer Team provides its companies with venture capital but also with expertise in different areas required to grow a company (Sales Ops, Product Management, Customer Success, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Tax or Branding). Ariel and his team have created a platform for those companies to communicate openly, leverage synergies and find new ways of solving challenges. Hammer Team is situated in a landmark estate in Cham, Switzerland.


Enabling the digital transformation of an analog Problem. Governance, Risk & Compliance

Squirro supports business users to leverage all of their data in a tangible and actionable way through Augmented Intelligence Applications

Qumram provides a solution for 100% recording, replay and retention of all digital interactions to ensure regulatory compliance, detect fraud and improve the customer experience.

A mobile platform for the mobile frontline workforce. Communicate better, Coordinate faster. Get more done.

Dizmo, the Interface of ThingsTM, connects data, services and applications into one interactive workspace, offering dynamic composition capabilities and compelling collaborative services.

Scandit Smart Data Capture on smart devices provides actionable insights and automates end-to-end processes by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects.

On Device, privacy preserving age estimation & online safety solution based on voice, text and video/image for any digital platform like online stores or the metaverse as well as physical stores or devices (VR).

The leading digital tenant management platform for more efficiency, higher yield, and improved tenant experience.

A customer intelligence platform designed to unlock significant hidden revenue opportunities and prevent customer churn from day one.

Zoovu’s conversational search platform helps thousands of brands and retailers narrow down search online to guide consumers to the perfect product.

A Better Way to Manage Your Omnichannel Orders. Increase Customer Experience and Profitability quickly with Fluent Order Management.

Digital lone worker protection for iOS and Android. Professional protection for team and solo work. 

Build-Host-Share Data API’s 10 times faster.

Open up the world of structured data to LLM’s with RAW Lab’s Data Gateway for LLM’s

optile offers an open and provider-independent payment platform to help businesses integrate multiple payment gateways, providers, and methods on a global scale within hours

The platform for building apps, websites, and experiences for interior space without the unnecessary complexity.

We enable city governments, public transport operators and industry to offer new mobility services and optimise existing operations.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) software. Monitors IT networks and raises alarm when a cyberthreat has been detected using the log data of your existing firewalls and systems. Up and running within one day.

Our malware search and analytics engine analyzes massive data streams at the code level to reveal similarities with known threats for incident response, threat hunting and detection.

CREAL’s light-field display creates truly 3D images with genuine focal depth which work effortlessly with natural human vision for VR & AR.

Computer Vision solution that watches airport gate turnarounds in real time to understand what is happening and offers predictive analysis to better manage operations.

Introducing a new level of confidence to computer systems. Gapfruit enables people to build truly trustworthy products.

 AI is used in mission-critical systems, yet still developed like consumer tech.  Lakera reinvents how AI is built, to put safety and compliance at the core of the development.

IMVERSE is providing volumetric video streaming solutions based on voxels for Live Holograms with applications across Social Media, Events, Gaming, Education, Remote Work & Training.

Syntheticus empowers you to leverage your data potential, while mitigating privacy risks. Share or monetise your data or ML models in a privacy preserving way.

No Code – No Limits. Build mission critical applications 10X faster. Application Modernisation – Hyperautomation – Digitalisation


Ariel Lüdi


Since 2013, Ariel is investing in and coaching innovative Swiss and European IT start-up’s. His group of Portfolio companies is named after his estate: The Hammer Team. Previously he was the CEO of hybris software, the global omnichannel commerce leader. Ariel was instrumental in growing the company and enabling its successful exit with the sale to SAP in August 2013 for more than 1B USD. Prior to joining hybris, Ariel held senior positions at Salesforce.com and Oracle. He entered the realm of e-commerce in 1996 as SVP Europe at BroadVision. Ariel studied Physics at ETH in Zurich

Guillaume Garreau


Guillaume is most endorsed for his Sales Operations expertise, GTM-knowledge, and Leadership. Prior to joining Hammer team, he was in charge of Operations at Hybris. Guillaume has worked previously for HP doing a variety of roles (including “Siebel” or “Salesforce.com” implementations, Channel Compensation, Marketing Funds, Sales process, or Business Analytics). Guillaume holds a Master degree in Economics from Universite de Rennes, and Master in International Management from Kalmar University.

Kees de Vos

Product & Technology Advisor

Andreas Hünerwadel

Legal Advisor, Board Member and Investor

Christian Flaccus

Brand Advisor

Michael Zips

Financial Advisor


If you want to get in touch with us, please send an email to info@hammerteam.com


Hammer Team is situated in a landmark estate in Cham, Switzerland.

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